My name is Tobias Ericson and all my life I have been a big car but above all a car care fan!It all started with my first car, a graphite-grey SAAB 900 Turbo with oxblood-coloured plush, an electric roof and all the equipment you could possibly want. The car had also been SAAB's own show car at the 1986 Detroit Motor Show. The car got to taste layer after layer of various car care products and I realized there that I really love having a shiny car. Unfortunately, my trip with it was not very long as I got the idea to remove the knock sensor and turn the charging pressure up to maximum, it ran like hell for a week or so then it went bang!Since then, lots of cars have passed through my own garage, but one thing that always comes back is the quest for more shine! I've spent an enormous amount of time over the years learning everything I can about car care, from polishing techniques, products, accessories etc and how many coats you can put on this or that to maximise shine and protection.

After years of dabbling in my own cars, I started to get requests from friends who also wanted to get as good a shine as I did, and on that path, car care rolled on. Those of you who have been following me on social media will know that I used to almost exclusively polish very exclusive sports cars or unusual enthusiast vehicles where the highest standards of finish are required! Thanks to my previous position as a product engineer in a lubricant development department, I realised that why not take advantage of all the contacts I had made and realise a long-standing dream with self-developed products!I started already in 2015 to talk to knowledgeable people both high and low in automotive / industrial chemistry if it was possible to get products formulated on my own wishes, ie not just change color or scent in something existing!
Thanks to a lot of help from an old colleague in the industry who previously came from the car care industry, the long and arduous journey to develop the range that led to the launch in 2017 began. At the time there was only Purify - Shampoo, Refract and the first version of Relive - Wheel Cleaner.

From sitting in my parents' garage filling, colouring, scenting as well as gluing thousands of bottles, we have now passed three more premises. Now we are housed in a large facility located in Täby north of Stockholm (Gloss Cave 3.0). We are now four employees and at present the products come straight from my mixer, of course still with my own formula!

All products were updated to Version 2.0 in 2019 (many teething problems fixed from the previous versions and everything has been screwed up as much as possible) and today our product range has expanded considerably.

However, it takes time to develop new products when you choose to go this route, I also don't want to release something that I can't stand behind. That's why we don't have 100 different chemistry products (probably never will), we are of course continuously working on developing new products all the time.Enough about me and what tershine is, be sure to try the products because I really don't think you'll be disappointed!

Best regards

Tobias Ericson | Head Of Gloss