Brilliance - Ceramic Spray Wax

329 kr

KOENIGSEGG BRILLIANCE CERAMIC SPRAY WAX is an extremely easy-to-use coating and has a wonderful, sweet coconut scent. It leaves a protective layer on painted surfaces, Koenigsegg Naked Carbon Fiber, and even on plastic surfaces. BRILLIANCE gives your vehicle a magical shine and wonderful water repellency. BRILLIANCE is biodegradable. It cures almost immediately upon application and is antistatic. It also has scratch-filling properties that hide minor blemishes. It also provides UV protection and can be applied in multiple layers if desired. Always remember to recycle the plastic bottle in a responsible way when empty.


Before applying BRILLIANCE, make sure the vehicle is clean and dry, for the best result use KOENIGSEGG EMBRACE SHAMPOO. Apply BRILLIANCE by spraying a few sprays onto a microfiber cloth and distribute it evenly, one panel at a time. Flip the cloth and buff off.

SIZE: 500ml

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