Embrace - Schampoo

329 kr

KOENIGSEGG EMBRACE SHAMPOO represents the next generation of biodegradable, high-performing car shampoos that provide a deep clean and leave an amazing finish on all outer automotive surfaces, including exotic finishes such as Koenigsegg Naked Carbon. EMBRACE has a scent of sweet mango and with a dilution ratio potential of 1:1000, you can expect to get up to at least 50 car washes out of one bottle of EMBRACE. That is how powerful it is. Always remember to recycle the plastic bottle in a responsible way when empty.


Pour a small amount — a cork full or so — into a bucket of around 10 liters (or 340 ounces) of water. In the bucket, whip up a foam by applying water from your hose or preferably, a pressure washer. Use a wash mitt or microfiber cloth and apply it with straight strokes. Rinse thoroughly.

SIZE: 500ml

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