Summit - Snow Foam

199 kr

KOENIGSEGG SUMMIT SNOW FOAM is a pre-wash solution designed to lift off all forms of organic dirt and grease. It produces a wonderful thick foam and has excellent cleaning capabilities. For maximum lift effect, start the process by first applying KOENIGSEGG RESOLVE DEGREASER and then layer SUMMIT on top and rinse off together. SUMMIT is biodegradable, is satisfying to apply, and has a dreamy milk and honey scent. Always remember to recycle the plastic bottle in a responsible way when empty.


Mix in a foam gun to your desired ratio, approximately from 1:2 up to 1:10. If you want the dreamiest foam just use it straight up – but it is not needed for normal life. Spray on and let it sit, avoid letting it dry. Rinse off with water or preferably, a pressure washer.

SIZE: 800ml

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